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Finally Theme's Can be Part of Google I/O

Recently launch Googles most awaiting and mysterious version Android  M is now support Google Theme Support. Themes are always far away from google but now is it possible to all users like

samsung galaxy s6 edge themes aa 14
Samsung,Lg, Sony companies It's Own Theme features.  

SamsungHTC and LG have all added theme support in their latest flagship devices and it seems that themes could be catching on, with Google adding limited support for themes in its latest Android M OS. The theme engine uses the same Runtime Resource Overlay (RRO) that Sony uses to theme its ROMs in Sony Xperia handsets and has since been merged with AOSP.

Android M Easter Egg 1 Watermark

One of the biggest criticisms with some OEMs is the look and feel of their interfaces – many people don’t like the look of TouchWiz and Samsung’s icon set as an example – and themes aim to solve this by offering an alternative without voiding warranty or requiring root. Taking the example of TouchWiz, Samsung adds a lot of options and features not present on stock Android and themes allow you to keep access to all of these features while personalising the look and feel of your handset. Now people can use Radish Black, Grey and White Background color  theme's.


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