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How To Free Internal Memory in Easy Steps Without Any Application Loss

Hi friends currently i am using Micromax Android one mobile which is 4GB memory. But when i try to install application on mobile its sucks and Show's Eror memory is full and delete some data unfortunately some stock application cannot remove. 
 These application are part of Google when they remove with help of root mobile's functionality collapse and usability decrees. But now i have solution and it definitely work for all mobiles.(Which Devices Allow To Move Games and Application On SD Card)

First Take Full Backup of Your Android Device 

1) Your mobile be Rooted.  


2) Insatll Uninstaller from Google Play Store.

3) Uninstall System Application Which You want to Uninstall Even Google App

4) Restart Your Mobile after Unstalling and check Phone Memory it's definitely increase 

5) Now Re-install All Removed Application's Now these application are not part of System now You Can Move To SD Card. 


You can Move |Application like Camera, Chrome, Google App, Gmail and More Application which consume more Size in Mobile and Create Problem to Install Apps. 

Disclaimer :- On Doing These Method anything Goes Wrong I am Responsible For That. 


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