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Apple's Big Plan to Launch iPhone 7 on this Christmas

According to KnowYourMobile.com, Apple has "big plans" for the iPhone 7 on this Christmas. The new iPhone 6s and 6s plus models may have only recently reached the hands of customers. but what if you're looking to get hold of a new iPhone right now? is it worth holding on for the next model which is likely to come out in August 2016, or world it be better use Christmas as an opportunity to get your hands on Apple's current offering as soon as possible?
To many concept video present on youtube show's how would be iPhone 7 just look?

Apple might do away with the home button completely on its forthcoming model.suggests an iPhone with built-in fingerprint recognition software in the screen is currently being tested. USB-C is rumoured to be a prototype handset,Some tech experts believe that the changes may foreshadow a completely waterproof iPhone 7 in 2016.One of the more exciting rumoured hardware updates is the introduction of a dual main camera, Qualcomm unveiled a new wireless charger that works through metals Apple's rivals this Christmas selling smartphones capable of wireless charging,

A note from HSBC to Apple investors was reported by Apple Insider, claiming Samsung, responsible for '60-70' percent of current A9 processor production, could be axed as an Apple partner, and the chips could be manufactured by TSMC exclusively. iPhone owners can already remotely wipe their devices or track them through the Find My iPhone free app. Apple was considering introducing an OLED screen for the new iPhone 7. iPhone 7 could give owners a preview of the forthcoming Apple car,

A sapphire screen has long been rumoured for the iPhone, iPhone 7 is rumoured to be fitted with a 'hexa-core' processor, The first four generations of the iPhone were released in June or July, but then the 4S came out in October 2011. Since then, Apple has consistently released an iPhone or two iPhones in September each year. Tech critics predict that it will be around September again for the iPhone 7, possibly alongside the Apple Watch 2.

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