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Google release its List of Best Games 2015 with regional Focus

Every year toward December, Google releases a list of the best Games it recommends from Play Store. It's great way for Android newcomers to discover intresting apps they might want to install on their devices. This year's list is out, divide in 8 categories of 6 apps each, with a few added at the top, but this choices are based on Most Downloaded on the calender year.
    According to Regional location where you live You'll likely see different lists. but some games like Angry Bird 2, Minions Paradise, Criminal cases, Need For Speed, Candy crush. are shown in all Region.

Best Games of 2015

Action & Adventure

Sports & Racing Games

Puzzle Games

Arcade Games

Casual Games

Strategy Games

Role Playing Games

The list in your local and you'll see some Games with very basic graphic implementations (There are much better Games with excellent Graphic would have been worth recommending), and some Games are very low Levels and mid difficulties and less to enjoy.
        I doubt you'd find anything really out of the ordinary in the Best of 2015 list, just popular games getting more time in the spotlight instead of interesting and unknown choices, I remember when Google picked Series guide a few years ago and everyone was astonished because it was an underground games, apps but Series guide was awesome and it deserved it.
Source :- Best of 2015 Games.

Amol Kamble

Amol Kamble

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