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Nexus 5X Would be Christmas Gift for Google employees

Recently Google Launched their annual Santa Tracker and Various Doodles, Google Celebrating Christmas with their employees as we seen from 2011.
Google's Christmas gift to employee

According to a thread on Reddit, employees can choose a 5X in their color of choice. Alternatively, as pointed out by several Google employees, they can forgo the latest Nexus device and a donation to charity will be made instead. Maybe experiencing the slowdowns firsthand will escalate the issues we've seen.

From the Year 2011 Employees received newly launched Nexus devices or Watches or Other Google Devices in Christmas as a Gift. in 2011 Google employees received a Galaxy Nexus with a customized back cover that had various Google and Android icons. In 2012 due to supply constraints on the Nexus 4, instead of Nexus 4 Google offered a Motorola Razr M next to the original Nexus 7 and Samsung Chromebook. In 2013 employees could choose between a Nexus 5 or 7. and In 2014 Google's Android Wear Watches for Google employees.

Nexus 5X gift

For industry comparison, Apple employees received a customized incase backpack in 2014 an their retail employees received Beats earbuds this year.

Alphabet like Verily and Access, are charged for using corporate tools such as recruiting, marketing, and computing in order to reduce spending. Such a gift is an expense and this one of the many questions Alphabet will face as their re-org continues.

If you're an Alphabet employee, please drop a line about whether you received anything.

Amol Kamble

Amol Kamble

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