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How To Use OK Google Feature's Even off screen Mobile's

Android's Digital assistant that's more useful than you think, you've probably seen the TV ads for OK Google, but what is OK Google and how do you use it? We explain everthing you need to know about OK Google,including how to access the Google Now voice search from any screen or of screen on your phone.

 use Off Screen google voice command

What is OK Google?

''OK Google'' is the voice command used to activate Google Now Voice search on your Android smartphone, Google Now can be accessed by opening your phone's Google search app or Google Search widget and Either tapping the microphone icon or saying ''OK Google''. On some handsets (notably the Moto X) it even works when the phone is in sleep mode, but all mobile need to say OK Google right on screen on Google search bar.

But, don't worry we have solution on it.the Requirement is we need updated Google App, Minimum Android Kitkat Version & Headphone.

  1. First insure your mobile running on Minimum Android KitKat Version.
  2. Download Latest Google App From Play store or Apk Mirror Website.
  3. After Installing Latest Google App allow ''OK Google '' detection from Settings.
  4. On ''OK Google'' detection allow ''From any screen'' feature.
  5. Train and Set your Voice on ''OK Google'' Voice Model.
  6. After completing all tasks You're ready for using of Screen voice command.
  7. Now Connect your Headphone on off screen mobile, Press and Hold Headphone Calling Button.
  8. After pressing and holding button you heard ''OK Google'' Sound.
  9. Now you can Send any command like on screen mobile,in sleep mode with same accuracy.  

using calling button for of screen mobile commands

Amol Kamble

Amol Kamble

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