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Stronger Post Filtering And Anti-Spamming Feature's add on Google Plus

Anti-Spamming feature
Today's Social Life great distress by Spamming in all over the Social networking site's, bots can be programmed to bad purpose any system that allow people to generate content and where other people read and consume said content. the same thing is happen with Google plus Communities. Every community in google plus is slightly or heavily affected by this spams.

Now Google release it's own Post Filtering and Anti-Spamming feature in web, Android, and iOS. Today Community Owner's receive Notification which is shows Content Control feature is on in web Google Plus this feature checks every post and notify to moderator to manually accept or reject them. For Android and iOS its available in Google+ 7.6 update. Now Spamming is more critical for spammer's in Google Plus communities.  

Amol Kamble

Amol Kamble

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