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Samsung has introduced new feature called Secure Folder in SAMSUNG NOTE 7, you'd think it was simply a secure file space to store your sensitive stuff. But Secure Folder is so much more. If you're familiar with systems like Samsung KNOX or Android For Work, you'll know that these systems allow an organization to create a separate, highly secure "work" profile on a smartphone while also allowing the end user to keep their regular OS software. your personal information on the phone, and likely uses extensive restrictions and additional security features to keep everything locked down.
Secure Folder is almost literally that - a highly secure KNOX profile for personal use.

Screenshot_20160816-095205 Screenshot_20160816-095211 Screenshot_20160816-095219
It as a private OS partition that uses a mini-app launcher, Secure Folder is completely separate from the regular content on your device. You can add entire Google accounts to Secure Folder!
For example,  when you let your kid play Candy Crush to keep him occupied at the grocery store, you don't want him going in and accidentally deleting all the things.jpg in your work email. Your personal email is whatever - you can deal. But if you lose that sensitive information, you're really screwed.
 it's far more secure than that: there's not even a way to interact with that email account unless you are literally inside the Secure Folder application. You can't accidentally share to it, it doesn't show up in intents, it doesn't send you notifications unless you decide you want them, and it doesn't show up in your app drawer. It's a ghost. Only by opening the Secure Folder app, secured by your method of choice, including iris scan because Note 7,
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Amol Kamble

Amol Kamble

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