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Android 8.1 Final Version Release for Nexus & Pixel Devices.....

Android 8.1 is now officially available for current Pixel and Nexus devices. The latest version of Android brings some of the visual changes and features found on the Pixel 2 to the rest of Google’s lineup. Meanwhile, there are various bug fixes and changes for developers to take advantage of.

On the visual front, many of the new interface redesigns introduced with the Pixel 2 are brought over to older Google devices. This includes the Pixel Launcher with a new bottom search bar and At a Glance widget. Quick settings is transparent, while there is a new floating power menu, and light/dark themes for the launcher and system UI depending on the set wallpaper.

The navigation bar in various apps, like Settings, is now lighter to combat the Pixel 2 XL’s burn-in/screen retention issues and quickly dims when not in use. Touch responsiveness issues and audio recording bugs during video capture have also been addressed. Other visual changes include a proper Oreo Easter Egg and a cool tint on lockscreen and homescreen that is again based on your wallpaper.

The full download and OTA links are below. If you need help, check out our guides on how to flash a factory image or sideload an OTA.

Amol Kamble

Amol Kamble

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