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Now Star & Organize Part of Online Google Image Search

When you want to find image you just straight head away to Google and Search image on Google but unfortunately in next time same image search on Google is not much hard but take some time to find out. well that not happen anymore. Google has added ability to "STAR" image's and "Organize" theme for next easy search on google. 
Its like First Search First happen in next same content search on google. now its only available on Mobile Browser's not yet Google App. Google start his roll out now only in United States, when you search images on google which image you want just "STAR"  the floating button at the left corner of image show but it cannot download it just save online on Google Data. 
STAR & Organize image on Google
Source :- Android Police

Google not confusing more because, "Star" image's can store with different tags like we see in Google Photos in Android Marshmallow. searching made easy by google with the help of these Tags and Collection of these tags. Using this feature on mobile Browser you have google account and you have to logged in to Mobile Browser.   


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