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How To Use Google's Offline Voice Search

Google most interesting part voice search release after Iphone's Siri introduced by Steve Jobs but that time Google's Voice Search was in basic features. but as growth of android version Voice Search also get Younger and Young day to day nowadays Google's Voice search not just a work like assistance it's get far away from it.
  Google's voice search now become a "OK Google" with more power and more brain with self intelligence thanks to google engineers it will allow you to do stuff like App opening, Information searching on google, calling, sending messages, Set Alarm's, and much more with help of Internet connection, but now google allow its Application to run without Internet connection need some Language data Downloading. so lets start..

1) Your mobile need to run on Android Lollipop or greater Version.

2) Update your Google App to Latest from play store.

3)  After updating open your Google App

4) After that click on Settings

5)  In Settings Click on Voice  

6) In Voice Section click on Offline speech recognition

7)  After that select & download any  Language from your region  

8) After Downloading you will see like this. 

9) Now just set your voice on "Ok Google " voice model and start Enjoying Offline Google voice search

Till date google's offline search have just have 10 commands but google working on it for better user interface .
 one more point is when you have use offline command you must have to select default language which one you have downloaded without it your offline voice command not work......



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