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Finally Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Receive Android Marshmallow update

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Start Receiving Android Marshmallow 6.0 updated in Hungary (SM-N910F) have received the update. The new feature that come with the update include battery-enhancing Doze, and Google Now ON Tap, Which looks for search results based on what you have on your screen at the moment.

The updates adds a new Air Command menu, and a note-taking feature that uses the S Pen to scribble notes in white on a black background. These notes can be saved for quick recall when needed. The Android 6.0 update has already been available for multiple devices in some European countries like Hungary, where the LG G4 is already spoting it.

The Lates Distribution data released by Google shows that only .3% of active Android Handsets are powered by Android 6.0.

Once Android mobile Giants like Samsung, LG, Moto complet his testing of Android 6.0 we should see Marshmallow's share rise considerably.


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