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Android Pay Expanding On various Application on Play Store....

Android Pay will power in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices. Google Wallet will stick around, but it will power Play Store purchases outside Android, say on the web, and facilitate peer-to-peer payments you can make through the app and on services like Gmail. Confused? Let the new branding wash over you, and stop worrying so much.

android Tap and Pay feature
Lyft Transportation App

Currently Google Allow to Use Fingerprint scanner in Tap N Pay Features with maximum applicatioin's on Play Store. Tap N Pay Now Working with various categories like- Transportation, Online Shopping, Travel and Location,Lifestyle, Transport, Entertainment and Much More.......

Android Tap N Pay feature
Jet and OpenTable application

Google says seven out of ten Android devices are ready for Pay and that 700,000 merchants can accept it in their stores today. Spring, a mobile shopping app that has been beta testing Android Pay, has seen a measurable improvement in business with the "buy button" powered by Android Pay. "The payments are still secure but you can get creative with the design," says CEO Alan Tisch.

On phones with fingerprint recognition, users can simply touch to unlock Android Pay. One of the most well known devices with this capability is the Huawei Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5X, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4.



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