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First Hands On Pic of Leaked Samsung Galaxy S7

The image confirms a couple of details we’ve been hearing about the Galaxy S7. First its camera, a 12MP unit that is said to be much better than the Galaxy S6’s, doesn’t protrude as much as on Samsung’s 2015 flagship. We can see from the picture that the camera is very close to being flush with the body of the alleged S7, while its shape seems a little rounder. This is something we first reported on in our exclusive Galaxy S7 CAD diagram leak, and Korean media later confirmed it.

Second, we can see from the picture that the Galaxy S7 will feature a glass back that curves gently into its metallic frame. This is another subtle change compared to the Galaxy S6, which had a flat glass back. The image appears to be showing the rumored all-black Galaxy S7, which leaked in press renders last week. The paintjob combines a black glass back with what looks to be black anodized metal. Note that ReviewDao claims this is a prototype, so the commercial version could differ to a certain extent.

The report includes some information on the Galaxy S7, most of it being stuff we’ve heard before. It’s not clear where these details come from, but a couple of bits that stand out are the magnesium alloy frame (allegedly replacing aluminum) and the incredibly fast charging time of 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes. We’ll see if these details pan out on February 21, when Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge at its Barcelona event. Let us know your thoughts!



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