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android N developer preview receiving feedback fixes ota update

Android N preview OTA update
Android N preview OTA update
Recently Launched Android N preview in test mode start receiving its firts over the air update for all Nexus devices. as per mentioned in google's developer website android n preview regularly receive OTA update with the fixes bugs and feedback opinion by its user's. Nexus devices received over the air update is about 25 to 30 MB.

Android N preview made some changes within the stock os like Navigation panel, Multiwindow mode, Swipe and Paste like changes. With Android N, custom tiles will be possible to implement directly by the developers for their apps. The N documentation explains that this is part of the reason Android N has a Quick Settings area with pagination and user-editable toggles.

Google's approach to releasing preview firmware for upcoming versions of Android is evolving into a pretty cool system that allows developers to simply sign up a device and wait for the OTAs to come rolling in. However, no product launch is perfect, and this one is causing some real problems for some users.



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