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Google's Weather Homescreen Shortcut Tester, but Not For Everyone.

Weather shortcut
Weather shortcut 
Google is doing another limited rollout test, this time surrounding weather, one of their favourite topics to trial with users. Searching "weather" might show you a card asking if you'd like to "Access weather instantly from your Home screen." If you tap add, a shortcut will show up on the homescreen. This may seem a little superfluous, as Google has weather available through Google Now, and possibly in your notifications too. That might be why they're testing it. Maybe they want more people to see the pretty new weather cards in Search. Or it could just be Google being Google, having multiple solutions to achieve the same goal.

Remember, this seems like a very limited test. If it's not showing up, you're not alone; many user's aren't seeing it either, but one trick can give you some chance to receive it from google. login with 4 to 5 google acount in your mobile and switch multiple time's when searching "Weather" on Google. it will increases possible chances to receive weather shortcut from google like me.



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