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How to Learn Different Languages in easy Steps.....

Learning a new language can be Challenging, but there are numerous tools at your disposal to make the process simpler. Your smartphone is one of the most useful, with a bevy of apps designed to make learning a new language a fun and educational affair all at the tip of your finger. There is no shortage of language apps for Android, but we rounded up the some stand above the rest.

Mango Languages(Free) -
       Featuring a colorful material design, Mango is one of the most beautiful language apps on Android and it comes with all the necessary features, as well. The app is built to help people communicate in four key areas: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture. It also utilizes native speakers to give students the best possible example of whatever language they’re trying to learn, from the 60 the app offers.

Duolingo (Free) -
      Another great free option, and one of the best reviewed language apps on the Google Play store, Duolingo offers users a variety of ways to learn a new language. You can practice reading, writing and listening, play a game, complete lessons and more. The app claims that 34 hours of its lessons are equivalent to a semester of university-level education. If you’re looking for high-quality language education in the most affordable package, look no further than Duolingo.

Memrise (Free) -
          Memrise boasts a “scientific learning system” that will help you learn 44 new words from hundreds of different languages in an hour. It also offers personalized goals, so you can learn at your own pace, various tests to help sharpen your skills further, high quality audio from native speakers to give your lessons a real world touch and more. It’s one of the best options for learning a new language on Android, with a ton of content for no charge.

Learn 50 Languages (Free) -
         Learn 50’s free app offers 30 lessons for, you guessed it, 50 different languages. The lessons themselves combine audio and text to give users a well-rounded learning experience. It’s also designed to work within your schedule, you can easily access the lessons wherever you are by downloading them to your phone and queue them up when most convenient.

Busuu (Free) -
       Busuu lets users learn the basics of numerous languages with vocabulary and grammar units, audio dialogues, language games and interactive tests. You can even submit practice exercises and have native speakers offer help. Add in nice personalization, quizzes and word games to test your progress and Busuu comes together to be one of the best language apps out there.

LingQ (Free) -
           LingQ's offers thousands of hours of audio lessons that users can listen and follow along with a provided text. The app lets you look up and save new words to a personal database so you can track which words you’ve learned and which are new to you. You can also review the words you’ve come across with flashcards and study the lessons offline. To top it off, all your progress is synced with LingQ’s web app.

Google Translate(Free) -
              Less an app for learning a new language and more for using in a pinch, Google Translate lets users translate text from 90 different languages, use your camera to translate text for 26 languages and offers two-way automatic speech translation for 40 languages. If you’re travelling, you can download specific language packs, star and save translations for future reference and more. For the modern globetrotter, Google Translate is a must-have.

Phrasebook (Free) - 
             Using a fun parrot guide, Phrasebook focuses on the user’s pronunciation and helps them improve over time. The parrot character in the app works as your teacher, offering the correct pronunciation of various phrases across a variety of languages and coaching you until you nail the pronunciation yourself. You can record and compare your pronunciations, store and manage favorite phrases, search for phrases and more



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