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what is the new features in LG V10 after updating Marshmallow

LG V10 Marshmallow Update
LG V10 Marshmallow Update
We're just now hearing about the first instance of an OTA update rolling to the V10, and that's hitting the international variant for users in Turkey. The OTA is over 800MB and once it's installed, it'll push your software version to V20b with build number MRA58K, dated February 16. It's Android 6.0, not 6.0.1, so don't expect to see those fancy new emojis just yet. But then again, either way, whenever 6.0.1 rolls, you'll still be stuck with LG's weirdly designed emojis.

1) to better protect the information on your phone, you will now be asked for permission after the application yüklendikd. Permission to restrict the use of illegal treatment or during use, there will be problems. These settings are then Settings> Applications> permissions can control or change.

2) Application Settings screen and various applications has been simplified management features added.

3) Now phones and applications when not in use for a certain time, the battery will be automatically optimized. During the optimization of the battery can be notified of alarms can play and is not updated to the latest version of the application. Settings to ensure receipt of notifications from specific applications> battery and power saving> optimizadyon Go to ignore the elements.

4) Now when using the auto-brightness feature, which automatically adjusts based on ambient light, brightness slider is visible.

5) Direct Share available. You can get suggestions to link the shared applications and people. LG application, messaging and e-mail can be used as a community of practice.

6) Google applications and services now Settings> available from the Google item.

7) Knock code settings have been updated. Knock code must consist of at least six touches and should be used at least three different directions.

8 -) Deductions "do not disturb" has been renamed.

9) LG Bridge was renamed as the LG AirDrive.

10) Now memory information Settings> Memory elements used.

11) Now notifications, to avoid blocking the screen "Allow Surveillance" feature is used, can be seen at the top of the screen.

12) qmemo + Capture +, was renamed.

13) The sound profiles added to silent mode.

14) Now kaydırms move left or right messaging and the emails for deletion can be undone with ksydır reverse movement of Yobe.



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