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How to use Multiple Accounts with any App on Your Mobile...In Easy steps


Android users have long wished for a feature that lets them use multiple accounts in the app. If you have a two or more personal Facebook,Whatsapp or Instagram accounts, managing both can be a real chore without support for multiple accounts. Or perhaps you have more than one account, and you use these for different topics. To manage these using the official accounts on your phone, you would have had to log out of one account and log in to the other each time you wanted to use it. Thankfully the TEAM LBE. who creates Parallel Space-Multi Accounts application for this feature in a recent days on both Android and iPhone.

If you have more than one account and so far have been accessing them on different phones to use both accounts simultaneously, you can breathe easy. The official app does the job just fine. Here's what you need to do.

How to add additional Multiple accounts
We're going to assume that you have the official Parallel Space-Multi Accounts app on your smartphone. and one of official Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram app's signed in with one of your accounts. The steps below will help you sign in with all of your accounts.

1) Install the Application from Google Play Store or Iphone Store.

2) After Opening The Application and you find some recommendation from app.

3) Tap on Setting And Enable Auto Creates Shortcuts for apps.

4) After enabling go back and add Duplicate Shortcuts Application from List.

You can follow the same steps to add more accounts if you have more than two or more account just follow the instructions. Don't worry about Data Mixed Problem Parallel Space create a separate space in your Android phone. In this space, you can run apps independently, in order to login the 2nd account simultaneously. So Don't worry and enjoy Multiple Accounts in Single Mobile phone. 



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