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Samsung Galaxy S7 with Good and Bad Reasons for Buying



Samsung Galaxy S7 have Premium design features of beautiful glass and metal design which looks premium in hanging reason is that it is a very compact and lightweight phone it is 7.9 millimetres take and ways around 150 gram it can be used conveniently with a single hand,its display its features of 5.1 inch Quad HD super amoled display with 1440 p resolution the display sharp and vivid with sunlight legibility it also features Corning Gorilla Glass phones for protection against crackers. always on display which shows time date and important notifications without waking up the phone S7 has excellent camera combinations its front facing 12 megapixel dual pixel primary camera with LED flash 1.7 Aperture smart Optical Image Stabilization and PDAF it is also 5 megapixel front facing camera with Gaik 1.7 Aperture both cameras take stunning shots with good retailing and clarity, it Easily capture 4K video recording. S7 is a powerful configuration it is fired by in Octacore Exynos 8890 processor speed with 4 gigabytes of Ram this configuration is good enough to Offer seamless performance to the users.

Galaxy S7 has smooth gaming performance it plays Moderate to heavy games with Easy and it also allows users to record the game play, Galaxy S7 is IP68 certified for resistance against Water and dust. S7 supposed expandable storage of to 200 GB through Micro SD card 3000 milliampere battery which is last whole day in moderate uses fast charging support, it supports wireless charging 13th reason is fingerprint sensor which has improved over the Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7 has latest operating system it runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with negligible bloatware.


Galaxy S7 has Sleeperi Design the glass and metal design of the phone looks premiums but at the same time it is very slippery to use. is that it lasts like a fingerprint magnet the glass designing up the phone a lot of is a hybrid dual sim phone and you cannot use to SIM cards and a Micro SD card simultaneously, it comes with Type-C Charger 2.0 but not in 3.0 which is a bit disappointed, fingerprint scanner has improved but it is not as fast and accurate as the fingerprint scanner in Nexus 6P and Nexus doesn't come with IR Blaster despite the fact that it was present in Galaxy S6. speaker it comes to the single speaker which is not very loud and could have been better its reasons is limited functionality of always on display it only shows notifications of Samsung Native apps and user's cannot customise it. Samsung Galaxy S7 is at around 48000 which is way too much and their another alternative available in lesser price.



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