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Always On Display from Galaxy S7 and G5 for All Android Devices

Always on Display! try the new feature from Latest flagship devices Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and LG G5. Previously, we see the some Nexus devices comes with Ambient display features which is slightly same but not always on display, they just woke up when some notification or moving activities happen with the device's. but now Always on display is one step ahead of Ambient display lets find out.

 when want to see the date and time it was necessary to switch on the phone, you many times a day just to turn on screen viewing time. This requires a battery and the phone quickly discharged turn on-off screen also req. you to unnecessary movements, which are sometimes very inconvenient to perform. now you can enjoy the same feature in your device.

Plays store have one application Name is Always On Display From S7 G5  download and install this application for experiencing always on display feature in your device. Always On Display From S7 G5 have many tweaks like

* Samsung Gear S2™ Watchface skin;
* 'KNOCK' screen on (double tap will turn screen on) like in LG G series devices;
* You can select the color of the text that you want;
* Screen will be automatically turned off when the phone is in your pocket or bag (this feature is only available for devices that have a proximity sensor) to reduce consumption of batteries;
Also as soon as possible, we will add new features:
* Display battery level;
* Choosing display images;
* Show notifications;
* Reorder Widgets;
* Auto Enable/Disable feature;
* Display notifications;
* Ability to select the information that will be displayed on screen;
* Font selection;
* A lot of skins (themes);

                 Always-on-Display Always-on-Display


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