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How Samsung galaxy S7 keep water out of the device? 

With the help of super stick glue around the edges of the glass panel front and the back keep out the majority of the water, charging port has his own little slow down in the bottom of the phone and the screws keep it pressed up tight against the frame the board of self has a little rubber seal around the edge to keep water out but only if it is less than 1 and a half meters of water in about 5 feet. any more than that Galaxy S7 will pop a warning and won't charge if it to text water in the charging port it does its protect the phone so more to our GFCI outlet works in your bathroom.

The power button is another week point in the frame where there is a possibility for water to enter but Samsung has put the same rubber seal around the inside of the button to keep water out up here by the SIM card trim there is a little rubber ring around the tray self that will see you at tight against the phone frame know if you people of speculating that Samsung has made the board water resistant which is a possibility the technology exist and there are companies out there that have hydroponic electronics safe sprays that will seal the boards but when IPCB is covered with hydroponic spray any water drop was that touch the board will beat up and roll right off and little balls was it roll it he's in but as you can see from the motherboard hear the water dropped it is very much it here to the board which proves at the board itself is not coated and is not water resistant just the phone body so what does this mean for the customer I would use the Galaxy S7 water resistant as a very useful protection and safeguard against water.



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