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The Popular iOS Weather App Sunshine, Is Currently In Beta Testing For Android

Sunshine, a popular and unique weather app for iOS, is making its way to Android. The app specializes in providing useful, rather than detailed, information while crowdsourcing for more accurate weather data. While there hasn't been an official announcement from the developers, the app is now open for beta testing.
Sunshin iOS Weather application for Android 

Sunshine should be in a better position. It's a free service and their design ports well to Android, given that it never had many signature iOS design features in the first place and it contains the bright colors, clean lines, and use of shapes that look right at home in the world of Material Design. The current iteration still could use a little more tweaking to truly feel like a native Android app, but it starts out much further along than most iOS transplants.
You won't find Sunshine in the Play Store if you're just doing a search. You'll have to sign up for the beta first. Just follow this link to join and Google will give you the necessary instructions from there.


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