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This time Google Pixel 3 Camera Ported to Xiaomi Mi5 and Essential phone...........

Recently Google unveiled the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3xl, with the pones the announced some new camera features that wasn't available at launch time, Googles best features showed with comparing iPhone xs picture taken with pixel 3 in low light condition with night sight enabled. the photo showed by google at event was superior compared to all best photos which was taken by any mobile phone in night time, it was impossible to believe that it really perform like event showed. but after the XDA member cstark27 released a modified version of  the Google Camera app enabling Night Sight ahead of its official availability from google to testing and realizing just how incredible is Night Sight really means. The modified version only worked with Pixel, Google Pixel 2, and Google Pixel 3, but XDA members not sitting quietly the senior member Arnova8G2 has worked on app and released a port of Google's Camera app with working Night Sight mode with maximum features working on Xiaomi Mi5 and Essential Phone confirmed from Himself and other XDA member's.

He posted on OnePlus 6 forum, Arnova8G2 updated to readers on his progress to getting Night Sight working on the OnePlus 6. he only confirmed features like HDR+ enhancement, Motion photos, RAW capturing, portrait mode, Panorama and Photosphere, other feature like burst mode, slow motion, Photobooth and new Night Sight not yet working on OnePlus 6. but the good news for Mi5 and Essential Phone owner's  that they can take a taste of pro features from Google Pixel 3. while its hard to get the same quality as previously seen on tested on  the Pixel 2XL, and Pixel 3, 3XL devices. we will checkout in future for more promising update's for Google Camera port.

XDA member's really trying harder for all of us who doesn't belong to Google's exclusive features for his phones, but it's very hard to compete with quality as good as Pixel Owner's are getting.



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