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PUBG bans 30,000 accounts with the new Snowy(Vikendi) anti-cheating implemented map.

PUBG (Player Unknown Battings) has implemented Anti-Fraud and Reporting feature in publication of the Vikendi snow map. Even before the launch of the game in the initial entry period, players at PUBG have to face deceptive issues. Due to the latest developments in the use of software, 30,000 players have been banned from PUBG, including some of the famous sports people on the global platform. Radar Hack Cheats helps players get one step ahead advantage over other players. A new wave of banned publication of the new vendor map has been published using anti-cheat algorithm known as Battleye.

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Sezk0, Cageman, PlayerJones, Papaya, Hoffmann 88, Haulow and Kraqen and 16 other professional  players were banned. These people have to prove that all the new anti-cheat algorithms are all wrong about theme until the won't compete. PUBG Corp has finished their last month by improving their anti-fraud system. Lots of cheating report was submitted from all over the platform by players.

Players on PC, Xbox and PS4 have been affected due to the current ban. There are no reports of such ban on PUBG Mobile till date. Keep in mind that occasional accidents are also restricted to regular players and we will see accidental banned players will get unbanned in the future but more cheaters will be restricted in the next few days.


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