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Huawei Mate 30 may be launch without Google apps and services

A spokesman for Google told Reuters that the Mate 30 cannot be sold because of a ban on selling licensed versions of Android and Huawei with related Google apps and services. "Huawei executives also told Reuters that the company" has to move forward. "" Even with a phone, it cannot access applications.

However, in addition to the general effect of the ban on the list of organizations, Huawei received 90 days, but the companies were not allowed in the United States, requesting a personal license for the sale of the goods, which this month Was not initially provided by Huawei. According to Reuters, the backlog has not yet been approved in granting the license.

In general, this means that Google cannot license the use of its GMS application and Huawei services for the Mate 30. All of Google's applications that we use on Android phones, such as the Play Store, Google Maps, Chrome, and YouTube, will not be available. Participate when this happens. Huawei will also lose access to the "licensed" version of Android, meaning that it will rely on publicly available AOSP software and will likely not have access to the new version or beta software until launch.

Although no license or exception of any kind can be provided, the closest we can count is a normal interaction with Android, which in itself will remove core applications and services - not a very complicated process. Is, but basically it depends on the consumer. The lack of expected applications and services may be sufficient for the sale of the Mat30, which would kill a company where it already hurts.



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