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Leaks Confirm's How Face ID with Iris Scannner works for Google Pixel 4/ 4XL

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We have better picture of Pixel 4 XL's Face Unlock feature. Google's implementation is very similar to Apple's implementation, but that's not bad. Even with pre-released software, Face Unlock seems to work well in most situations. Unlocking the device is quick and works well in dark places, but it doesn't seem to work when the device is lying on a table.

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Also, face unlocking seems to be the only biometric unlock feature on the device. Google will almost certainly say goodbye to the fingerprint scanner (at least for now) Yes, this phone does not have a fingerprint scanner. There is no fingerprint sensor or traditional capacities sensor on the screen. In fact, the Face Unlock feature is reliable enough to satisfy the user.

According to the leaked photos, Face Lock is also used to open embedded apps and wallet payments. Google follows the same path as Samsung. This is a function introduced by Samsung's main face unlocking device, Iris Scanner Google's new flagship device Pixel 4 has the same features.



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