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Galaxy (S11) or (S20) rumors - launch confirmed, 108MP camera, price, release date and many more......

Samsung_Galaxy _S11.
Samsung Galaxy S11: Everything We Know So Far

The Samsung Galaxy S11 (or Galaxy S20) is scheduled to debut on February 11 following a promotional video. The video, which aired on Samsung's official media channel, suggests that the next Galaxy Unpacked event will take place in February. However, Samsung has not announced the release date of its next generation flagship. Some recent reports suggest that with the Galaxy S11, the South Korean company could introduce its next-generation folding device, said to be Galaxy Fold 2, along with Galaxy Fold.

The 15-second video doesn't confirm the exact name of Samsung's new flagship. However, this shows that the long-awaited Galaxy Unpacked 2020 is due to happen on February 11 - confirming what was announced last week.


Samsung Unpacked leaked promo. Unpacked is confirmed for 2/11/20

Twitter users, including Max Weinbach of XDA Developers, were able to identify the video. However, as we recorded the story, we couldn't find it on any of Samsung's popular social media channels. Therefore, it is safe to watch a report with a pinch of salt.

If we believe the video is credible, it suggests that Samsung will launch a new Galaxy series flagship, which should be released as the Galaxy S11 or Galaxy S20, along with a new folding device. The shell designer is said to be similar to the Motorola Razr (2019) design and could be called Galaxy Fold 2.

A recent report states that Samsung will launch its new folding phone ahead of the Galaxy S10 series successor in the market. It is rumored that successors will also arrive as the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung will have plenty of time to promote the new Galaxy models before its competitors bring their top MVC 2020 numbers to Barcelona, ​​Spain. The company also suggests that it will host the Unpacked event in San Francisco, California.


108-megapixel camera, periscope lens, 5x optical zoom

Samsung is said to equip the Galaxy S11 (or at least one variant) with a 108-megapixel primary camera sensor. Is this crazy? Sounds crazy. But Chinese brand Xiaomi has already beat Samsung with the Mi CC9 Pro, which already uses a 108-megapixel camera.

In addition, the Snapdragon 865 chip discussed above can support a 200 megapixel camera. You may not use all 108 million pixels all the time, but having this extra resolution can be useful for scaling and cropping. If you like the sound of all this, thank the chip maker for doing it.

Here's what else you can get with the S11 (at least on some models) according to Ice Universe and 91Mobiles:

108 megapixel main camera
Ultra wide angle camera
5x Zoom Telescope with at least 48 megapixels
Galaxy S11 Pro: Flight Time Sensor
Single-hole front camera (thank God I don't miss the S10 side camera).

Samsung_Galaxy _S11.
Samsung Galaxy S11: Everything We Know So Far

Screen: 120Hz AMOLED display

Display: 120Hz AMOLED display
We've talked about phone screens before, but here's what we'll probably get: the ability to activate a 120Hz screen refresh rate. This will make the animations and scrolling much smoother than the standard 60Hz refresh rate we have now.

Huge 5000mAh battery?

The phones of different colors have huge batteries, and the other story of the 5000 mAh Galaxy S11 Plus ice pool is a bit ridiculous.

Note that the Pro may also be a Pro (for example, the more expensive version), which is more important to me than a cellphone with a battery of this size. For reference: The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has a 4300 mAh battery, and the battery life is excellent.

Initially, there were several phones with large batteries, and 5000 mA met my expectations. For example, the new Asus ROG phone is a powerful version of Android, making it a watershed moment.

Samsung Galaxy S11 feature with In Double Fingerprint scanner screen. 

In Screen Fingerprint

I liked the concept of a fingerprint scanner on the screen, until I used it on the Galaxy S10. Accuracy, speed and convenience did not fulfill my promise.

My best bet is to bring the Galaxy S11 into some cool unpublished form in combination with a video reader. Samsung already knows how to do this. Keep in mind that the series got the S7 iris version but released it for S10. Google is already very good at pixel 4.

We could at least see a healthy biometric scanner on the screen should Samsung decide to use the Snapdragon 865 fingerprint sensor, which aims to improve technology in the future. I hope.

Samsung One UI 2.0 update

Android 10 on Samsung One UI 2

There is no doubt that Samsung phones will run on Android 10 with a single UI 2.0 device by 2020, which was announced in October and is now in beta.

I'm a lot happier with a 10 phone that provides a darker mode on the phone, greeting apps, a few live headers and new privacy settings. Application 2 is integrated for image rotation and bottom control of the phone for easy access.

Galaxy S11 Series: Price will be from $ 1,000

Now the question for everyone is: how much does the Galaxy S11 cost? As always, it will depend on the model you buy.

Let's start with the price of Galaxy S10 for storage of classification products:

Galaxy S10E: $ 749, £ 669, $ 1,199
Galaxy S10: 899, 799, $ 1,349
Galaxy S10 Plus: $ 999, $ 899, $ 1,499
Galaxy S10 5G: $ 1300, $ 1.09, $ 2950
A 5G phone is cheaper than buying and installing, so we immediately noticed a price increase. You will spend more if you choose a larger model, say 512 GB, when Samsung releases it and free up 128 GB of memory.

If an enlarged version ("Pro" or "Plus", depending on the lot) matches the price of S10 Plus, it will cost $ 1,000. With the 5G segment and camera technology, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this increase to $ 1,100 - the same price as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus today.



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