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The Dedicated button for Augmented Reality view in Google Maps Latest update....

New updated google maps redesign

Google Maps on Thursday announced a major redesign of the app for Android and iPhone. In March, users received a new update for public transport and augmented reality

The redesign makes the application easy to use and you don’t have to spend too much time looking for some options. It focuses on five icons at the bottom of the screen, three of which are new icons. In addition to the “Switch” and “Browse” buttons already included in the application, you will immediately see buttons with the words “Saved”, “Publish” and “Updated”.

Google Maps is getting Augmented reality button

Finally, Google has expanded the augmented reality function “Live View”. When viewed on a mobile phone, it encompasses digital guides in the real world, such as large arrows indicating where to go. Soon, instead of a large arrow pointing to the target, a simple red dot will appear indicating the location and distance to the target.


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