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Android Marshmallow Receive On Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung This time just improved his TouchWiz on Marshmallow. 

User Interface replace with Google's Stock Android Platter instead of his old Tradition. Some Sub Expansion Animation add in Notification Panel from the edit button to the fact that S-Finder is no longer present in the status bar as a persistent search button, but has been turned into a toggle instead. In general, the UI has been cleaned up with new animations and the settings have been sorted. Some applications also received a paint job.

New                            Old

New                             Old

New                           Old

The Marshmallow build comes with the latest security patch level (November), and performance feels like a dream. Some benchmark scores have gone up, but the device generally feels more responsive and smoother than it did on Lollipop. The multitasking menu, in particular, feels and looks smoother thanks to a new animation and instant responsiveness. The lockscreen, too, opens up much faster due to a new animation. In terms of aesthetics, it looks the same, but with full customization of the shortcut apps.
The App permission system is one of the first things you'll notice on new updated because samsung not yet well integrated with marshmallow to use app permission that's why samsung apps will bug you with termittent notifications until you enable these permissions, 

        New Power Off Menu                                                             Theme Store

              No Deep Sleep                                                Optional Screenshot Feature
Amol Kamble

Amol Kamble

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