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Google Launch The Phone and Contacts Application First Time on Play Store.

Today morning Google upload it's newly made application The Phone and Contacts are on Play Store. Now this is great news from Google because these application's are not only part of system which will upgrade only on new system upgrade. so what's new improvements made by Google on these application let's find out.

On the Dirler screen Google made some minor changes like frequently contacted saved number's are getting very thin Font in size, Color's looks like it Painted by new fresh color's.

Most important part of calling is Blocking Unwanted calls is always very far from google's stock system app but now this was past in this update you can easily block any call's by, just press on number and new pop up window open which show copy number, edit before call and BLOCK Number. Immediately from call summary nothing go elsewhere.



Many new Android users are facing problem to Save Contacts in mobile because the Contact saving feature is some difficult to new android beginner but, this problem also fix by Google on Contact Application. it's so simple Just open Contact from Menu and you will see on Right at the bottom corner Contact Save Mark, which is very simple to add new Contact Easily.

Google also introduced Two More new Feature to Contact application are You can just Link you multiple contact on one Name contact. And also Now you can fix which Contact you want to Divert to Your Voicemail and all call's from this contact saved to your voicemail. 



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