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Upgrade Your Android One to Android 6.0.1

As we seen last week Google Confidentially seed OTA update for some users in Philippines. This OTA update is about 87.5 mb in size and December updated security patch for Stagefright vulnerabilities but this update rolled out for Android one 2nd Generation mobile not 1st generation devices Cherry mobile, General Mobile 4G.

Source :- 
  • XDA
  • PPLware

  •     The purpose behind this confidential update is to release a better update for android one devices with battery draining problem on
    Android Marshmallow and other problems, that's why they asking feedback from update received customer's via they want to know problem really solve or may be need to fix in next rolling update.

    The Backup Img. of System and Recovery of build no (MMB29K) we are sharing for updating Tester of all new Android 6.0.1 update zip file below Happy Flashing. MMB29K.ZIP
    Amol Kamble

    Amol Kamble

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