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January Security Update Reach at Android One Devices In INDIA with 9.3MB Size

I am updating my Android One With Latest January Security Update. Using  My Trick.....  

android one january security update

android one january security update

android one january security update
January Security Upadte

There's something to be said for standardized hardware, and generally that something is "man, that update came in fast." Android One Users, at in INDIA, and a long thread on the XDA-Developers forum indicate that some Android One phones are being upgraded to the latest version of Android Marshmallow January Security Update of (9.3 MB ). It seems a safe assumption that the update includes bug fixes and improvements to Android Stagefright Security .

The monthly security update for January is starting to roll out to Nexus devices. & Android One Devices Simultaneously Factory images And OTA Update. yesterday morning and now we've got some changelogs from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) if you're interested in taking a deeper look at exactly how things have been tweaked.

Unlike the 6.0.1 release in December, this month's adjustments appear to be entirely focused on security fixes. Google has a bulletin describing the relevant security issues addressed with this release..



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