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Google's Secret of New Android M

The reason behind hiding New Android Version Name from People 

 The same thing that present in Lollipop and Mysterious M 

1. Navigation key's 
Looks same not much modification. Bach button, Home button, and Task button


2. Notification 
Sliding Bar same Not extra sub app LOL.....

3. White Background Theme 
Google Don't try to decide which theme or Colour we like just made transparent theme all White getting me in COMA. so dont send me and people in COMA. LOL......  


4.  Copied Launcher 
from Nova launcher feeling boring while scrolling. come on google just think prepare your own theme and launcher, Google Now is Awesome and Kitkat theme to. we are already face that Character wise sorting in late Android Version's. 

The Few changes made by Google but never to satisfied 

1. Logo 
but never new just Like MOTO Logo we are suffering from long time with this logo be creative and Develop new Design which fit with Android Circle. 


2.  App Permission
 One of the biggest additions that Android M brings to the Android platform is the revamped app permissions.


Feature definitely good but never want's to see in Android M but we assume in 5.2 or 5.3,4. NOW ON TAP   required more deep use in all application and setting's. Like Open About in Setting's Search Update,  Open Reboot, Power Off. Not just Web interference Information. Firstly programme Voice navigate to whole Device along with  Web interference.

4. App Links
The next improvement in the latest Android M release is intended towards handling Web links. This means Google wants its OS to easily handle links between apps with its Android M release. Until now, clicking a link within an app prompted a popup message asking user to open it within the app or to open it in a Web browser. Instead, with Android M, developers can have the operating system verify whether a link should open within an app or open via a new one. Google details that developers can add an autoVerify attribute to their app manifest so that users can be linked deep into the native app without any disambiguation prompt.

5. Mobile Payments. 
this function was available from starting of android but google told us this is wide secure than older apps but they don't tell how he could stop to hacking all mobile data will they provide some free of cost antivirus or programming which could help from hacking. although this function obviously mostly used in WELL DEVELOPED COUNTRY'S but in ASIAN REGION It will not much effected. so there is no use of this APP. 

6. Finger print support :
most common question is how current present devices will support this kind of update and how? Need to buy new phone's is it new strategy to sale Smartphone through these kind of update's.

       Same issue from birth of Cute Android. but never satisfied solution always some PROMISES but actual solution is DEADDDDDDDD.  Need much progressive thinking.  

8. Auto Backup and Restore for Apps :  
Just add Phone calls and Messages 
With Android M, Google will also be bringing what may be one of the most useful features for users often migrating between devices or formatting their smartphones - auto backup and restore for app data. With Android M, users will get their all apps backed up automatically to Google Drive - specifically settings and app data less than MB in total.

9.  USB Type-C Support :-  
Really trying to do this 




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