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Samsung Will Launch its next flagship device with 100% screen-to-body ratio........

The recently published patent shows a Samsung device which is almost 100 percent screen-to-body ratio. To achieve this, the patent shows the self-contained camera and other front-facing sensors placed below the glass. Images and videos with text are hiding around the sensor's enclosure. In an effort to make the smartphone totally bearable, Vivo is trying to introduce a productive under-glass fingerprint sensor. But what about the other sensors in front of our phone? In a completely light-free world, where will the front camera sensor go? Samsung could be a good solution - sticky selfie camera and other front-facing sensors under the display glass. Viewed by Letgs Digitally, patent shows a hole in the flexible OLDD screen for not only the cooking camera but for earpieces and other sensors. With text wrapping in holes, allows exposure to be almost at the top of the phone.


However, it seems that people will have the choice to use the full display area or small area to view images and videos. Interestingly, patents show another hole for adjusting the house button, although Samsung moved to the Galaxy S8 and subsequent software buttons. Perhaps the company's intentions are to keep a fingerprint sensor one day under the next panel. Editor's Choice Samsung Xinos 7872: Everything I need to know is something I'm worried about in earpiece. Xiaomi Mi Mix eliminates earpieces and believes in "Controller Piezoelectric Ceramic Acoustic Techniques" to give voice to your ears. The problem was that we did not find that it was a good option and Xiaomi agreed because he had got earpiece for My Mix 2. Another potential concern is the display of one foot at the top. People who have an iPhone X's appearance appear intensely, and Huawei appears to be useful for future smartphones, possibly following the footpath for the next smartphone. Either way, it's just patent, so there is no guarantee that you can return it. It is said that let us know your thoughts towards Samsung's potential design in the following comments.

With no other space left in front of new devices, for direct control or other factors, with the increase in smartphone display and 18: 9 (or if you want 1 or 1: 1 if desired), along with the aspect ratio and decreasing display buzz at the same time. . Physical home buttons and fingerprint readers have already largely disappeared and have been moved to the previous or the edge of the device; However, moving the front camera back is not really a choice (for obvious reasons) so the devices like the iPhone X or the essential phones have numerous dances at the top of their display. Samsung can offer a new patent solution: front camera and other components such as earpieces and proximity and ambient light sensors, moving down the screen. 

The camera that will be visible through the display will also give additional benefits, so that the creators can keep it at the center of the screen so that the camera and face of the person you are talking to is in the same place. Samsung's idea of ​​space limitations in front of modern smartphones may appear, but no one has yet created the right camera. It has been said that the previous patent has been referred to by Samsung, Apple and LG, which would indicate at the very high refresh rate using the OLDD display. Then the system can activate and deactivate the screen at a fast rate and allows camera recording during the idle period. As always with patents, there is no way to know when and when the technology will produce, but the idea of ​​seam- and bezel-display is absolutely fascinating


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