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leaked photo of OnePlus 7? future prototype of OnePlus flagship? We are not sure.........

More favorite images were seen at the end of the week, which clearly showed in front of OnePlus 7 compared to OnePlus 6T. The image spotted by Slashleaks,it will definitely leaves us with many questions.

The picture shows both the phone encased ... But the open oneplus is a cutout of round and tablet size in 7 cases; the phone has a sliding system; The camera and the adjacent sensor will appear when you slide the phone backwards. Looks like earpiece speaker (silver strip of display).

However, we suspect we are not actually viewing OnePlus 7. The first reason that the photo does not have a real slider system. Will definitely leak up the slider to show the design?

It is true that there is a slider phone in that place. We have accepted the slider design of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Onor Magic 2, but we do not see this form factor in the Volume-Transfer flagship company from the company. During the actual technique, internal layout and tight design, they are more complex in production than other technologies.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is one of the many slider phones released in recent months.

Accepting Slider System for OnePlus 7 OnePlus 2019 Back One Step Reveal design devices with hechans, hookways, and other designs. The punch-hole camera has already become a major trend. Even though it does not fix the full-screen slide from slide to slide it, it definitely looks like a less complex solution.


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